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Close view of homeopathic medications - containers and small white balls

Close view of homeopathic medications – containers and small white balls



Dr. Hahnemann in his initial literature works mentioned about centesimal scale and prescribed this centesimal scale medicines but he could not find results as he saw a relapse in the cases and the chronic cases showed very slow improvement,and he noticed that this caused an apparent aggravation of the patient’s symptoms as the similar medicine causes a temporary artificial disease in patient,which is similar to natural disease of the patient. He called this the “homoeopathic aggravation”. The more the similar the remedy,the more the homoeopathic aggravation was observed. And Dr. Hahnemann knew that this could be the probable reason why this law of cure was left abandoned since a long.

Exhausted by the severe homoeopathic aggravations produced by the low potency; he began a gradual process of reducing the dose over two decades. And finally,in the last years of his practice, Dr. Hahnemann introduced a potency which was having a very higher dilution and thus bringing about an enduring,gentle counter action of the life-principle (almost least homoeopathic aggravation),due to smallness of dose;In the 6th edition of Organon of medicine.Andhe named itas divisional infinitesemales (the LM potency).

And today in 21st century, despite of its esteem importance, there are very few homoeopathic physicians who use LM potency. I don’t know why it is so, however I could see the only possible reason behind this might be a question. And that is “how small doses of such much attenuated medicines, as homoeopathy employs still possess greater power?”  Once a beginner in homoeopathy asked me the same question ignorantly.

How can they  have the requisite power; they doubt. But rather their question seems to be of itself very foolish, because as the experiences shows,they are actually seen to act more powerfully,then any other potency. Even  the  antagonists can no longer deny the effect that lies before their eyes, they seek  false analogies, to represent what is actually occurring, if not as impossible, at least ridiculous.

They say if we put a drop of homoeopathic medicine in a lake, then the water of that lake ,into which that drop of homoeopathic medicine has fallen, must display curative power in every drop of water of that lake, indeed can have even more medicinal power, as in homoeopathic attenuations a much greater proportion of attenuating fluid is used.

But that’s not exactly so. The actual thing is that in homoeopathic medicinal attenuations, a small portion is not simply added to enormous amount of non medicinal fluid, or only slightly mingled with it, but, it is done in a series of process-i.e. by the SUCCUSSION and TRITURATION; which along with increasing the medicinal powers also ensures a union and equal distribution of medicine and attenuating fluid.

“The most recent observations have shown that medicinal substances, when taken in their crude state by the experimenter for the purpose of testing their peculiar effects, do not exhibit nearly the full amount of powers that lie hidden in them which they do when they are taken for the same object in high dilutions potentised by proper trituration and succussion, by which simple operations the powers which in their crude state lay hidden, and, as it were, dormant, are developed and roused into activity to an incredible extent…….”


This  trituration and succussion not only ensures the most intimate mixture, but at  the same time- and this is the most important circumstance- there ensures such a great , and hitherto unknown and undreamt of change, by the development and liberation of the dynamic powers of the  medicinal substance so treated , so as to animate amazement.

In their thoughtless comparison, by dropping of one drop of homoeopathic medicine in a lake, there can be no question of even its superficial admixture with all parts of a body of water of such extent, so that every drop of medicine is equally distributed to all parts of lake water.

Even if we say we put a drop of homoeopathic medicine into a small water tank, it could never be equally mixed with all parts of a body of water of such extent (after any length of time or stirring about), as in homoeopathic trituration & succussions. Also if the drop of medicine is a vegetable tincture, the constant internal changes and uninterrupted chemical decomposition of the components parts of water would have annihilated and destroyed the medicinal power.

In the similar manner, a grain of medicine cannot be mixed with a 100 weight of flour, taken as one whole mass , can never be mixed with any mechanical contrivance such that each grain of flour shall obtain an equal proportion of medicinal power.

In homoeopathy, our pharmaceutical operations are done on the contrary; as only a small quantity of the attenuating fluid is taken at a time( a drop of medicinal tincture shaken up along with 100 drops of alcohol¸ which ensures a union and equal distribution in a couple of seconds.

But the mode of attenuating practised in homoeopathy effects not only an equal distribution of the medicinal drop throughout a great proportional quantity of unmedicinal fluid , but it also happens- and this is of infinitely greater importance- that by the SUCCUSSION and TRITURATION employed, a change is effected in the mixture, which is so incredibly great and so inconceivably curative, that this development of the spiritual power of medicines to such a height by means of the multiplied and continued trituration and succussion of a small portion  of medicinal substance with ever more and more dry or fluid unmedicinal substances, deserve to be counted undeniably among the greatest discoveries of this age.

The physical changes and development of power that may be produced by trituration from substances in nature, which we call matter, have hitherto only been surmised from some circumstances-but the extraordinary effects in the way of developing and exciting the dynamic forces of medicines it can produce, have never been dreamt of.

For example we all see, in a known wild life channel, that when that person teaches us surviving  techniques in world’s dangerous places ; he rubs a steel knife with a stone, a striking fire is produced , when sparks are thus struck with sufficient force and caught on a sheet of white paper. But what actually happened there we do not see. And  when we observe carefully ; we will see small pellets of steel lying there, which have been detached in a state of fusion from the steel’s surface by the smart collision with the stone, and have fallen in an incandescent state, like small fire balls.

But do we really think that how can this friction between steel and stone can produce such a degree of heat so as to fuse steel into little balls? Does  not it require 3000 DEGREE FARENHEIT’S temperature in order to melt steel?

But do really lay man believe that the cold steel he has in his belt , contains such a inexhaustible store of calorie, in which the blow only develops when it wakes into activity? No! they does not believe it.

Dr. Hahnemann ,in his Lesser writings says; “An inexhaustible store of caloric, I repeat, which is not calculable by the cyphers of any of those arithmeticians who seek to limit nature and render her contemptible, by applying  their multiplication table to the phenomena of her illimitable forces. The great natural philosopher, Count Rumford, teaches us how to heat our rooms solely by the rapid motion of two plates of metal rubbing against on e another, without the employment of any ordinary combustible material whatever. No further proof is required to convince the reflective that natural bodies, and especially metals, contain an inexhaustible store of caloric concealed within them, which however can be called into life only by means of friction.”

So we saw the fact, which had till now escaped our observations that how with the effect friction, the physical properties and the dynamic medicinal properties of natural substances are developed to such an incredible extent. Dr. Hahnemann was the first who made this greatest discovery of all the time that the properties of crude medicinal substances gain , when they are fluid by repeated SUCCUSSIONS with unmedicinal fluids, and when they are dried by means of TRITURATION with unmedicinal powder, that when these processes are carried very far, even substances in which for centuries no medicinal power has been observed in their crude state, display under this manipulation a power of acting on the health of man that is quite astonishing.

Thus, in the similar manner pure Gold, Silver, Platinum may have no medicinal action on human beings in solid state. These substances are actually in state of suspended animation, as far as regards their medicinal action. But if these substances are triturated, they will show considerable amount of medicinal powers. And if further the process of trituration is continued, the last attenuation will not be weaker, but on the contrary, it will display more and more medicinal powers than the whole of attenuations.

From this we perceive that the preparation of medicines by trituration, the more the trituration, the more will be the development of their power, so in such a way they become more and more capable of answering the homoeopathic purpose in proportionately smaller quantities and doses.

In the same way liquid medicines so not become weaker and weaker by further attenuations, but more and more powerful with each further attenuations ; the more potent and penetrating. Thus trituration and succussion does actual exaltation of the medicinal power. This is the real spiritualization of the dynamic powers, a true, astonishing unveiling and vivifying of the medicinal spirit.

“For the same reason the effect of homoeopathic dose of medicine increases, the greater the quantity of fluid in which it is dissolved when administered to the patient, although the actual amount of medicine it contains remains the same. For in this case, when the medicine is taken, it comes in contact with a much larger surface of sensitive nerves responsive to the medicinal action. Although theorists may imagine there should be a weakening of the action of a dose of medicine by its dilution with a large quantity of liquid, experience asserts exactly the opposite, at all events when the medicines are employed homoeopathically.”



After his so much of research Dr. Hahnemann found a new method of potentization which he named it as divisional infinitesemales. And Hahnemann mentioned about this method in 6th edition of Organon of Medicine. After his death Jost Kunzli (1915 – 1992) , named this medicine in Latin as Q potency, quinquagintamilia which means 50,000 and after him Rudolf Flury (1903 – 1977) named it as LM.The dilution is 1/50,000.

We now know that, the greater is the trituration and successions done, the more powerful, potent and penetrating the homoeopathic medicines are.

To understand how LM potency have superiority over the other potencies we should know how is the process of making the LM Potency.



  • The substance (one grain) is triturated to the 3C level.
  • One grain of this is dissolved in 500 drops of water/alcohol (400 drops water+ 100 drops of alcohol)
  • One drop of this solution is put in another vial with 100 drops of alcohol and succussed 100 times.
  • One drop of this solution is then used to moisten 500 fine globules and these are marked as first potency (I) – LM1 .
  • One globule is then used to make the next potency, using another 100 drops of alcohol and sucussing 100 times. The 500 globules are then moistened and dried and marked as the second potency (II) – LM2.


With the ratio of the dilution medium to the medicine as low as 50,000:1 , and successive trituration and potentization,  medicines arises that, especially in high degree of dynamization, bring about highest development of power, and gentlest counter action of the life-principle ; which , if well chosen , curatively touches all sick points.

(Aphorism 270, 8thfn)

Hence we see by observation and pure experiments that minimum is the drug mixed with attenuating  fluid (along with proper trituration and successussion); the maximum is the power of the homoeopathic medicine. For a scientific establishment of the curative power and efficiencies of high potencies, we cite the well established law of nature, discovered by Maupertuis and mathematically proved by him; this we, the homoeopaths, apply to therapy. This is the law of least effects; i.e. “the quantity of action necessary to produce any change in nature is the smallest that is possible.” This law of effects (minimis maxima) appears therefore to be essential and necessary complement to the law of homoeopathy (similia similibus) and to occupy similar place with it.

Using these far more perfect (i.e. , greately perfected) dynamized medicinal preparations, one can, in acute fevers, repeat the small doses of the lowest degrees of dynamization even at short intervals and even with medicines of long lasting action.

In chronic diseases, one can best proceed by beginning treatment with the lowest degrees of dynamization and, when necessary, continuing to the higher degrees which, although they become ever more powerful, always act only gently..










I assume that each organism which the Creator educed was stamped with an indelible specific character, which made it what it was, and distinguished it from everything else, however near or like. I assume that such character has been, and is , indelible and immutable..

Philip Henry Gosse Omphalos: An Attempt to Unite the Geological Knot (1857),111.

This is a beautiful saying by P.H.GOSSE , where he is highlighting that specific character of individual is responsible for his peculiar identity. In fact, it is tragically easy for a patient to become merely the repository in which a disease or a syndrome has chosen to manifest its particular silhouette. That is why we say – We treat the patient not the disease.i.e.We have to treat the person in disease, rather than the disease.

Now, I would like to make it more understandable on basis of Gene functioning: Life starts with fertilisation of ovum and sperm. These ovum and sperm contains all the genes encoded within in 50:50 ratio. (Guyton in his physiology book (textbook of medical physiology,11th edition,ch-3) has mentioned if there is any control of life, it is the gene – DNA system.The Gene-DNA system is the basic control of life. Genes are not only encoded with physical structures, but also the mental character of a person.

The Gene controls all the systems by making specific proteins and thus performs specific functions in the cell. Two types of proteins are formed : Enzymatic proteins and Structural proteins. But everything is not inherited. We also acquire some characters. So, our genes are acquired as well as inherited characters. The proteins synthesized by R.N.A. are expressed in cell- tissue – system. And our intellect, will, emotions etc. Thus, physical as well as mental general make up of every individual arises from Genome.

1.ENZYMATIC PROTEINS- These proteins are responsible for mental constitution of a person. Like his temperament,diathesis,nature,intelligence,desires,aversions,etc.

2.STRUCTURAL PROTEINS- These proteins are responsible for physical structure of an individual Eg- height,contour,face cut,eye colour, texture of hair etc.

So, every human being is a resultant of the combination of individual’s unique genetic makeup and environment. And every individual is different from one another. This is what our Master said 200 yrs back in THEORY OF INDIVIDUALIZATION, which is now proved scientifically.To understand individualization we must personify persons ; taking his Physical,Mental constitution etc and tolerance to environmental factors.

Aphorism-138 : ‘’All the sufferings………………………………………………………………………………………….. That this individual is, by the virtue of his peculiar constitution, particularly disposed to have such symptoms excited in him……………………………………………’’

Now, I would cite few examples to make you understand ,how an individual is prone to certain diseases due to his peculiar individuality.

Let me give some examples of Epidemiologic factors to Neoplasia in this regard.


FAMILIAL POLYPOSIS COLI- By age of 50 years , almost 100% cases of familial polyposis coli develop cancer of colon.

RETINOBLASTOMA-  About 40% of retinoblastoma are familial and show a autosomal dominant inheritance.genetic carriers of such genetic composition have 10,000 times higher risk of developing retinoblastoma which is often bilateral.


1.White Europeans and americans develop most commonly malignancies of the lung,breast and colon.liver cancer is uncommon in these races. 2.Japanese have five times higher incidence of carcinoma of the stomach than the americans. 3.South east Asians,especially of chinese origin develop nasopharyngeal cancer more commonly.


Alcohol abuse predisposes to the development of cancer of oropharynx,larynx,oesophagus and liver. Penile cancer is rare in the Muslims as they are customarily circumcised.carcinogenic component of smegma appear to play a role in the etiology of penile cancer. Betel nut cancer of cheek and tongue is quite common in some parts of india due to habitual practice of keeping the bolus of paan in particular place in mouth for a long time.

We all are familiar with Diabetes Mellitus.The prevalemce of diabetes is increasingly sharply in the developing world.india and china being the largest contributers to  the world’s diabetic load.i want to focus here on the pathogenesis of diabetes:

GENETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY- Epidemiologic studies, such as those demonstrating higher concordance rates for disease in monozygotic vs dizygotic twins,have convincingly established a genetic basis for type1 diabetes. More recently, genomewide association studies have identified multiple genetic susceptibility loci for TYPE 1 DIABETES,as well as TYPE 2 DIABETES.over a dozen susceptibility loci for type1 diabetes are now known. Of these,the far most important is the HLA locus on chromosome 6p21; according to some estimates,the HLA locus contributes as much as 50% of the genetic susceptibility  to type 1 diabetes. 90-95% of Caucasians with this disease have either a HLA-DR3 or HLA-DR4 haplotype, in contrast to about 40% of normal subjects.

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS- there are environmental factors,especially viral infections,may be involved in triggering islet cell destruction in TYPE 1 DIABETES. Epidemiologic associations have been reported between type 1 diabetes and infection with  mumps,rubella,coxsackie B, or cytomegalo virus,among others. OBESITY AND INSULIN RESISTANCE- The epidemiologic association of obesity with TYPE 2 DIABETES has been recognised for decades,with visceral obesity is observed in greater than 80% of patients. Obesity has profound effects on sensitivity of tissue to insulin, and as consequence,on systemic glucose homoeostasis. Insulin resistance is present even in simple obesity unaccompanied by hyperglycaemia,indicating a fundamental abnormality of insulin signalling in states of fatty excess. The risk for diabetes increases as body mass index (a measure of body fat content) increases.It is not only the absolute amount but also the distribution of body fat that has an effect on insulin sensitivity: central obesity (abdominal fat) is more likely to be linked with insulin resistance than are peripheral (gluteal/subcutaneous)  fat deposits. obesity can adversely impact insulin sensitivity in numerous ways. As ever day is different from the other day so does every human being differs from one another . It is important to individualize the person; this can only be done if the physician takes the entire case unprejudiously from the point of beginning in the holistic manner. It is the process of perceiving as to how a patient as a person evolved and distinguished himself as a unique entity. Hence, individuality forms the central axis of homoeopathic philosophy.

CONCLUSION: So it is Patient who is Personified rather than the disease.Hence, we need to correlate our entire homoeopathic principles theories and philosophy in similar manner to make it more scientific andprecise in present and future era.

Aphorism-3: ‘’If the physician clearly perceives what is to be cured in disease, that is to say, in every individual case of disease………………………………………………………………………………and he is a true practioner of healing art.’’


Text book of Physiology;GUYTON ; 11th edition

Pathologic basis of disease ;ROBBINS AND COTRAN ; 8th edition

Textbook of Pathology ;HARSH MOHAN ; 6th edition

Internet : ( Posted from Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College

My Mother as  “THE PHYSICIAN”


I was sitting solitary on grass, looking  at the night sky, When a beautiful shooting star caught my eye……

When the world does not seems fair,
Remember there is the one, who always cares…..;

Then,I remember my mother’s advice,
It way really very mesmerizing & nice…. 

She use to say,
Hear keenly or else you will go Astray :

Be a man who open his tongue,
He alone when speaks , Sulphur must learn. 

Be a man of such dignity &full of life,
That your Duty will be no less ,then miracles of Christ…..  

Be a man who is not needy, Be like causticium which caters everyone needy…. 

Restrain the man who goes Astray,
Forgive if someone is at wrong way……

Hear not,if evil Ana.speaks, Retatiate not if evil Nux.V. Weaves …..

Be a  man of such philosophy, That a Naja will seek your ideology…..

Ardency be in your hue,
That a sepia will be compelled to take care of you…..

Sharp be your love like a shooting dart,
which can carve a place in platina’s heart….

I don’t know what more to utter,
Just wanna say be like a father of your mother 🙂

Posted from Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College

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