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Arnica Montana – All you need to know


Science-based Homeopathy

 Arnica Montana


Arnica Montana, commonly known as Leopard’s bane, is a European flowering (bright yellow flowers similar to daisy, bright green leaves) plant.

Arnica, the queen of plants in Homeopathy, is one of the greatest medicine ever known to mankind. Today, Arnica is the darling homeopathic medicine used throughout the world. It is used by homeopaths, herbalists, surgeons, physicians and physiotherapists.

Arnica is so much popular in Europe that there is a Hotel ‘Madonna di Campiglio’ in its name in the mountain ranges ‘Dolomites’ in North-East Italy [1].


Arnica is used to make both herbal and homeopathic medicine. Herbally the plant has been used as a cardiac tonic for weak and weary heart [1]. In Homeopathy, as a polychrest remedy, it was first introduced and potentised by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The whole plant is used for the homeopathic remedy.

The plant is rich in inulin which…

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