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Summary Of Aphorism From Organon Of Medicine – Samuel Hahnemann


1) Mission of physician

2) Highest ideal of cure

3) Knowledge of physician

4) Preserver of health

5) Exciting and fundamental cause, importance of constitution

6) For the physician the disease consist only totality of symptoms.

7)  Totality of symptoms

8)Once symptoms are eradicated disease is cured

9)   Vital force in HEALTH

10) Vital force in DEATH

11-15) Vital force in DISEASE

16)  Vital force in OPERATION OF CURE

18) CONCLUSION: Totality is the sole guide to direct us in choice of remedy in each individual case of disease

19-21) What is curative in medicine

22) Two methods of treatment

23) Antipathic method

24,25) Merits of homoeopathy

26-35) Natural law of cure and explanation

26- Nature’s law of cure

27-Curative power of drugs

28,29-modus operandi of cure

30-34 Superiority of artificial morbific agents

36-46)What happens when dissimilar &similar disease meets

46)Fixed miasm ,accessory miasm


50)Limitation of Natural morbific agent

51) ADVANTAGE OF MEDICINE as instrument of cure.

52) Practicing onetime homeopathically & at another time allopathically is criminal treason against homoeopathy

54,55,56)Different modes of treatment

63-65)Primary action& secondary action

66) A minute homoeopathic dose produces a perceptible initial action,but life force’s counter action is inconspicuous.

67) Initial and counter actions in homoeopathic treatments

69) Initial and counter actions in antipathic treatments


3 point operation of cure:

investigation of diseases.(72-104)
● investigation of effect of medicine.(105-145)
● appropriate employment of medicine.(146-285)

72)General survey of disease acute & chronic disease

73)Acute disease &classification

74)Drug diseases

75)Drug diseases are most incurable

76Drug diseases are to be remedied by vital force itself

77)Pseudo chronic disease

78)Natural chronic disease

79)Syphilis & Sycosis

80,81) Psora fundamental cause

83)Requisite qualities of physician:

Freedom from prejudice
●Sound sense
●Attention in observing & fidelity in tracing the picture of disease

84-104)Case taking:

91-Pure symptom should considered
92-Conjoint malady

94-99 Difficulty in taking chronic cases

95-Lessor accessory symptoms-Due to long suffering patient become used to these symptoms & pay little attention


97-Indolent patients

100to102-Epidemic diseases &genus epidemicus

105-145)Drug proving:

108-Proving should be done in healthy human beings

109-Hahneman was the first to start proving on healthy human beings

113-Proving of narcotic medicines secondary action are to be observed

115-Alternating actions


123-medicine for proving should be given in simple unadulterated form

125-Diet of prover

126-Qualities of prover

127-Medicine to be proved both in males &females

128-Proving should be done in 30th potency

140-Proving in illiterate provers

141-Physician is the best prover

143-Real materia medica

147)Homoeopathic specific remedy is similimum


153)Characteristic symptoms

155-61)Homoeopathic aggravation

157)What is homoeopathic aggravation

158)Prognostic value of homoeopathic aggravation

161)In acute disease aggravation lasts for few hours in chronic disease first 6,8 or 10days

162-171)Imperfectly selected medicine

163-accessory symptoms, are new symptoms appearing after administration of partially indicated medicine.

164)Small no. of symptoms is not an obstacle to the cure.

165) medicine not homoeopathic to the case

169,170)When totality of symptoms is not covered by a single medicine but 2 medicines partially cover more suitable given first .And it is not advisable after the employment of more suitable of the 2 medicines to administer other with out fresh examination.

171)To treat non venereal chronic disease several antipsoric remedies can be given in succession

172-184)One sided diseases

173-What is one sided disease

174-One sided disease with a affection of external kind is called local malady

180,181-Accessory symptoms while treating one sided disease

183-Second prescription

185-203) Local maladies treatment

185-Allopathic idea of local maladies was that external parts are only involved and rest of body did not participate in this disease

186-Surgical diseases

190-Judicious treatment of local ailments is internal medicine

194-External application should not be done

204-209) Treatment of chronic diseases

204-Cause of chronic disease

207-Treatment history

208-Personal history

209-Base of prescription

210-230)Mental disease their classification & Treatment

210-One sided diseases are psoric in origin.

211-Mental disposition determines selection of remedy.

216-Mental diseases first type after disappearance of physical symptoms.

219-Lucid interval.

220-Treatment of these type of mental disease with antipsoric treatment.

221,222,223-Menatal disease second type, sudden out break of insanity they should be first treated by acute medicines followed by antipsoric treatment.

224-Mental diseases third type, mental disease of doubtful origin.

225-Mental disease fourth type ,due to emotional factors like anxiety, worry, vexation.

228-General management of mental disease.

231-234)Intermittent &Alternating disease.

235-244)Intermittent fever.

236-Time of administration of medicine.

242-In epidemics of intermittent fever repeated dose Sulphur or Hepar sulph in high potency is to be given.

244-In fever endemic in marshy districts small dose of potentised solution of cinchona bark to be given.

245-251)Repetition of medicines.

246-Necessities for rapid cure:

Medicine must be homoeopathic
●Given in minute doses
●Repeated at suitable intervals

247-Repeatition of medicine at interval of 14,12,10,8,7 days

248-Schein symptoms caused by excess of homoeopathic medicines.


252)Obstacles to cure

253)Signs of improvement

257)Physician should avoid making favorite remedies

259-261)Diet &regiment in chronic disease

262-263)Diet in acute disease


264-266)Selection of genuine medicines

267-271)Preparation of medicines

270 ( in 6thedition)50 millisimal scale

272,273)One single simple medicine at one time

274)”It is wrong to attempt complex means when simple means suffice”, advantages of single simple medicines.

275-287)Strength of the dose for homoeopathic use

275-Large dose injures.

280- optimum dose to avoid aggravation.

284-Route of administration of drugs.

286)Magnetism electricity & galvanism.

287)Use of north &south pole.



291)Water bath.


1)Theoretical medicine.

6)Prima causa morbi

7)Causa occasionalis to be removed.
symptomatic or palliative treatment directed towards a single symptom to be rejected.

8)homoeopathy remove symptoms but disease remains-Hufelands journal.

10)What happens when vital force is absent.

11) Materia peccans(material causeof disease).
Dynamic influence.

17) Moral remedy-mental conviction remove the disease.

22)The other mode of treatment(allopathy).

31)Derangement of health means anything hyperphysical. It signifies that diseases are not mechanical or chemical alterations.

33)Hahneman used belladonna to prevent scaralatina.

40)Treatment of complex diseases can be affected by alternation of mercurial preparations with remedies specific for psora.


60)Physiological system of medicine by Broussau

67)Condition in which palliatives are admissible.

73) Aconite used as prophylactic for purpura miliaris

78) 6th Ed. EXPLAINATION: chronic disease proper , all arise from chronic miasm.

80)Psora is hydraheaded monster.

93)Any cause of disgraceful character to be interrogated.

94)Special points of inquiry in females.

104) how old school physician proceed in investigation of diseases state

108)Before Hahnemann Von haller practiced drug proving on healthy human beings.

119)Surrogates are substitutes.

141)Advantages of proving by physician.

145)Hahnemann made proving on healthy human beings.

149)Mongrel sects (In 6th Edition )

183)When symptoms are indistinct a dose of opium can be given to make it distinct.

205)Meta schematism-If not treated properly by dynamic internal medicines disease will be transferred to more important organs.

229)Violent mania should be treated in mental asylums.

232)Double alternating disease

246) 5th Edition :one single dose

260)Obstacles to cure

272)Dr Aegidi`s idea of double remedy is rejected

276)Chronic china malady

282)In fig warts external application be made with simultaneous internal application of same medicine.

●Organon of medicine 6th and 5th edition by Samuel hahnemann – BOERICKE(6th) AND DUDGEON(5th) corrected, retranslated and redacted by Dr. MAHENDRA SINGH AND Dr. SUBHAS SINGH

●Organon of medical art by Samuel hahnemann (6th ED.) – edited and translated by WENDA BREWSTER O’REILLY




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