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Dr. Hahnemann: Significant Dates of his life.

1755,  10 April – Birth

1775 went to Leipzig University

1777 Spring – to Vienna

1777 October – to Hermannstadt

1779 Spring – leaves Hermanstadt for Erlangen University

1779 August – MD Erlangen

1782 Dec – Marries Johanna Kuchler

1783 Henrietta born

1786 Frederick born

1788 Wilhelmina born

1789-1804 Unhappy wandering in Saxony

1790 his mother dies; First proving with Cinchona

1791 Caroline born

1795 Frederika born

1798 Ernst born

1803 Eleonore born

1804 settles in Torgau for 7 years

1805 Charlotte born

1806 Louisa born

1811 Spring – moves to Leipzig

1820 loses legal battle in Leipzig to dispense his own drugs

1821 June – moves to Coethen

1830 30th March – Johanna dies in Coethen

1834 8th October – Melanie arrives in Coethn

1835 18th January – 2nd marriage

1835 7th June – leaves Coethen for Paris

1835 21st June – arrives in Paris

1842 Feb – composes the final 6th Organon

1843 2nd July – Death
 “Dr. Hahnemann had a brilliant mind and developed a method in which there is no limit to the human life to save. Late Dr.Hahnemann was a man of superior intellectual nerve and a mean of vast saving for human life. I bow myself in awe of his ability and the great humanitarian work, which he created.”: Mahatma Gandhi 
Happy World Homoeopathy day!


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